• "I remembered who I am and that I am capable to be better and do more with my life. I know there will be troubles and problems, but I realised I have my own solutions."

    - Ina Rai, Student & Workshop Delegate.

  • The Pocket Advocate is a personalised, pocket sized, portable guide that was designed by Danielle Singer Moore in 2008 to empower a person's ability to communicate, manage and recover from mental distress. It shows clearly that with the right intervention the cycles of crisis and relapse can be prevented; that a person has the power to take responsibility for the progression of their symptoms, and become respected as an equal voice in the care they receive.


    In 2012 The Pocket Advocate was awarded an innovation and development grant of £80K from the London Borough of Camden, which was match funded by Project Embrace with a further investment of £130K.


    In partnership with The James Wigg Practice and The Kentish Town Improvement Fund, The Pocket Advocate was successfully piloted within Camden & Islington’s NHS Foundation Trust and the University of the Arts London.

    The Pocket Advocate has since been used by a variety of local and national organisations, including Rethink Mental Illness and Wish, to raise awareness and provide support for people in a range of environments including education, healthcare, probation, employment, and the workplace.


    Award winning Director Tatiane Feres produced the short film 'One and Other' to accompany the work of The Pocket Advocate. The film challenges discrimination associated with mental health, and was selected for the Canberra Mental Health Film Festival 2019 (Australia), FICSAM Festival 2019 (Portugal) and Global Health Film Festival 2019 (London). The film recently won Best Mental Health Promotional Film at the Believe Psychology Film Festival 2020 (California).


    In 2016 The Pocket Advocate was awarded a £10K scholarship from The School of Social Entrepreneurs and offered 12 months of expert support from RSA,


    Big Issue Invest and Barclays


    In the same year The Pocket Advocate was redesigned and piloted for students and staff in consultation with the University of Arts London.


    In 2017 Featurist funded the technical development and delivery of The Pocket Advocate's online service.


    The work that has been achieved would not have been possible without the generous donations from members of the public, who it is an honour and privilege to serve. Equally, the selfless contributions of so many volunteers continue to drive and inspire this work forward. Special thanks to: Josh Chisolm, Max Gooding, Matthew Peltier, Arati Thapa, Moira Dennison, Peter & Frances Kandler, James Ware, Silvia Baumgart, Gee Lam, Danielle Singer Moore, Jane Banks, Paras Sood, Moira Matthews, Hari Sewell, Joel Karamath, Kate Wood, Emily Wilkinson and Johanna Dench.

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