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  • Hi, my name is Danielle. 


    In 1997, at the tender age of 17, I experienced psychosis and was admitted into an adult psychiatric unit and sectioned. It was terrifying and the journey towards recovery felt impossible to navigate. Over the next ten years I relapsed and was admitted into hospital again four more times.


    In 2007 I gained a first-class degree with honours in graphic design and immediately began to design a way to safeguard myself if ever I felt unwell again. The Pocket Advocate is the result.


    There are currently two versions of The Pocket Advocate. Both of these can be downloaded below and printed:


    There Will Be Some Bumps Along the Way was designed in consultation with students and staff from the University of the Arts London and is for everyone, regardless of whether there is a psychiatric diagnosis or not.


    The original version of The Pocket Advocate was designed in consultation with NHS patients and staff for specific use with psychiatric services.


    Each design is accompanied by exercises. These have been written in the form of a conversation to encourage you to explore your experiences with another person.


    Everything here is freely downloadable.


    If you would like to make a donation towards the continuation of this work and the administration of this site you can do so by clicking on the donate button at the top of this page


    May The Pocket Advocate bring you a greater knowledge of yourself and give you a platform to raise your voice so that you can clearly communicate your wishes with confidence, and become the authority of your care and recovery.

    There Will Be Some Bumps Along the Way...and that is Okay.

    One of the difficulties in life is not that there are bumps, but that we don't want there to be any. To accept that life has its challenges means we can consider what to put in place to navigate those times. This little booklet has been designed to explore and support your unique bumpiness.


    Download There Will Be some Bumps Along the Way booklet here


    Download the accompanying exercises here

    Free download. Free mental health resource and tool. Image of The Pocket Advocate’s illustrated guide. A playful visual tool to help you navigate and communicate your mental health experience to others. Click here to freely download.

    The Pocket Advocate

    The purpose of this document is to give you and those involved in your care the ability to confidently respond to the requirements of your psychiatric diagnosis with dignity and respect.


    Download The Pocket Advocate booklet here


    Download the accompanying exercises here

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    In 2012 The Pocket Advocate was awarded an innovation and development grant of £80K from the London Borough of Camden, which was match funded by Project Embrace with a further investment of £130K.


    In partnership with The James Wigg Practice and The Kentish Town Improvement Fund, The Pocket Advocate was successfully piloted within Camden & Islington’s NHS Foundation Trust and the University of the Arts London.


    The Pocket Advocate has since been used by a variety of local and national organisations, including Rethink Mental Illness and Wish, to raise awareness and provide support for people in a range of environments including education, healthcare, probation, employment, and the workplace.

    Award winning Director Tatiane Feres produced the short film 'One and Other' to accompany the work of The Pocket Advocate. The film challenges discrimination associated with mental health, and was selected for the Canberra Mental Health Film Festival 2019 (Australia), FICSAM Festival 2019 (Portugal) and Global Health Film Festival 2019 (London). The film won Best Mental Health Promotional Film at the Believe Psychology Film Festival 2020 (California).


    In 2016 The Pocket Advocate was awarded a £10K scholarship from The School of Social Entrepreneurs and offered 12 months of expert support from RSA, Big Issue Invest and Barclays.

    In the same year The Pocket Advocate was redesigned and piloted for students and staff in consultation with the University of Arts London.

    In 2017 Featurist funded the technical development and delivery of The Pocket Advocate's online service.


    The work that has been achieved would not have been possible without the generous donations from members of the public, who it is an honour and privilege to serve. Equally, the selfless contributions of so many volunteers continue to drive and inspire this work forward. Special thanks to: Josh Chisolm, Max Gooding, Matthew Peltier, Arati Thapa, Moira Dennison, Peter & Frances Kandler, James Ware, Silvia Baumgart, Gee Lam, Jane Banks, Paras Sood, Moira Matthews, Hari Sewell, Joel Karamath, Mr Biggles, Kate Wood, Emily Wilkinson and Johanna Dench.

    "This tool is inspirational and people feel really invested in it...they are in the driving seat, it is truly service user led, and for this I think it is a unique and invaluable tool. It's a bit like a mobile phone - once you have one you wonder how you ever lived without it."

    - Moira Matthews, Social Worker.



    'Thank you so much for this amazing service. It really gives me peace of mind to know I will have this booklet with me at all times."

    - H.F., Customer, Nottinghamshire.



    "As a GP who looks after a large number of patients who have mental health problems, it is often very difficult to find out important information at the time of social or medical crisis. A document such as The Pocket Advocate would be of invaluable help in informing clinicians, families and friends of the needs and plans of the person needing care."

    - Dr Higginbottom, GP.



    "The Pocket Advocate is by far the most intuitive and user friendly system I have seen."

    - I.P., Consultant Psychiatrist.



    "I remembered who I am and that I am capable to be better and do more with my life. I know there will be troubles and problems, but I realised I have my own solutions."

    - Ina Rai, Student & Workshop Delegate.



    "It put into perspective very emotionally driven situations that my students or staff can go through. I appreciated the process and how it gives opportunities to make sense of the complexity that a mental health situation entails."

    - Workshop Delegate, University of the Arts London.



    “This is a huge gap in services and the long term social benefits of this work would more than outweigh the short term costs.”

    - Natalie Bo, Social Worker.



    One and Other film poster, international film selections 2019 and 2020, FICSAM International Mental Health Film Festival 2019, Global Health Film Festival 2019, Canberra Mental Health FilmFestival 2019, WINNER Believe Psychology Film Festival 2020, In association with the London Borough of Camden, Funded by Project Embrace, Director Tatiane Feres, Executive Producer Danielle Singer Moore

    Shot on the grounds of what was once a hospital, built in 1916 to treat injured servicemen, this short film aims to challenge the stigma and discrimination held towards those of us who live with the challenges of a mental health diagnosis. The film is inspired by the possibility that, despite our many differences, our personal struggles could be what unites us rather than separates us.

  • Articles & Reports

    "Today, over 5,000 people have engaged with [The Pocket Advocate] through a wide range of solutions and initiatives that include online downloads, workshops, training, talks and campaigns to raise awareness. [The Pocket Advocate's] growing network of ambassadors and dedicated team of experts and volunteers are now preparing for the launch of The Pocket Advocate’s digital service in 2018."


    RSA, March 2018

  • "A green paper published in early December sets out proposals incentivising every school and college in England to have a senior lead for mental health, creating new mental health support teams to liaise between schools and the NHS, and piloting a maximum four-week waiting time for CAMHS in some areas. Children and young people in England will be able to access mental health support in their school or college under Government plans to transform the treatment of mental illness in young people. The Pocket Advocate goes a considerable way in addressing these issues."


    University of the Arts Pilot Report, December 2017.

  • "Without the right intervention people become trapped in the devastating cycle of crisis and relapse, unable to fulfil their potential and live the life they truly deserve. The Pocket Advocate shows clearly that mental distress is manageable, and that with the right intervention the cycles of crisis and relapse can be prevented."


    Rethink Mental Illness, October 2016

  • "Every aspect of the language and design [of The Pocket Advocate] aims to inspire ownership and a sense of authority in regard to a person’s experience. The work is coming from them."


    Psychologies, July 2016

  • "On reflection it seems clear to me that the problems relating to my original distress were never really addressed. The additional trauma of being hospitalised, diagnosed, medicated and stigmatised covered up the underlying issues that I faced as a young adult."


    Rethink Mental Illness, February 2016


    "The Pocket Advocate confidently and clearly addresses the widening gap between the individual, their community and the local services available to them. Through a creative, as opposed to a clinical approach, the format and aim of the Pocket Advocate is to inspire a sense of pride and achievement rather than being an impersonal document that gets lost and forgotten about"


    The Pocket Advocate Proposal, October 2012.

  • Organisations I have worked with

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    Special thanks to


    Stephen Fry; Jehane Markham; Leo Kandler; Abigail Moore; Emmanuel Jean; Claire & Gordon Cookson; Ruth Maddison; Emily Wilkinson; Mel Charles; Hannah Imhasly; Elizabeth Jacobs; Dora Whittuck; Frances Khalastchi; Rachel Kelly; Van Lam; Anna Dreda; Michael Davis; Alan Pagan; Barbara Gray; Fran Singer; Rhianon Gale; Sam Webster; David James; Jessica Bryan; Gill Jacobs; Fiona Dickie; Peter Kandler; Hannah Eiseman-Renyard; Rozzie Taylor; Lucy Strina; Brian & Frances Sabel; Anna Brownlie; Michael Bernstein; Mandu Reid; Jane Banks; Thomas Delaverny; Heather Sabel; Catherine Rubinstein; Nigel Richardson; Maggie Eiseman-Renyard; Dominic Lester-George; François & Minder Rouillier-Singh; Jayne Moran; Emily Wyman; Silvera Williams; Ben Brownlie; Andy Wyman, Anne Man; Nicolas Jacobs; Pippa Foster; Helen Lau; Tanya Deavall & Peter Hirst.

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